Movement  for everybody  

Mindset  for success  

Health  for life  

Create radical change in your mind and body, feel strong, confident and capable knowing your program is as unique as you are.

With Sarah De Lucca, Movement & Mindset Coach, expert coaching support, you will see long-term improvements to your health and performance. Sarah listens to you; hears your needs, asks your preferences, and is tuned in to your individuality. She creates fun, strategic and science-based, Movement and Mindset programs to help you reach your goals. 

All it takes is a commitment to yourself. 



Programming Period

Specific exercise prescription for menstruating females.


I will tailor your exercise programming to your cycle to ensure you get the most out of your exercise program.


Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better coach and friend!! I’m really really enjoying these workouts and finally feel like I’ve found my “gym” routine that I love!!!

—  Kim Black


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